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Re: gtkfb and the debian installer

<quote who="Michael Cardenas">

> I am trying to make udebs of gtkfb for the debian-installer, because I
> have written a gtk frontend for d-i, which will require gtk, and we think
> that gtkfb will be the best solution. 


> Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as I am not an expert in
> gnome libs, or in making udebs, I just want us to have a graphical
> installer for sarge. I have attached the control file and the rules file
> for the pango udeb, in case you want to try to compile it yourself. If
> someone can help me, I'll send them the control file and rules file for
> glib as well. 

Your best bet would be to ask the hackers directly on gtk-list. Good luck,
sounds great.

- Jeff

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