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Re: Nautilus and .debs

On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 01:38:22PM +0100, Lucas Moreno Encabo wrote:
>   Today I've benn using nautilus and I've seen the option "Install Package"
> over a .deb file. I launched it to see what happend and it didn't worked.
>   First of all, you have to be root (or have enough permissions for
> installing a package), then is when I remmeber the utility that RH8 has for
> installing rpms just with a double-click asking you the password.
>   Will it be easy to adapt it for debian? It's a usefull thing for the
> debian-desktop project and for everyone using gnome day by day.

And the same could be used to enable the shutdown/reboot dialog when
logging out as a single user too.


Sven Luther

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