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Gnome 2 upgrade failed, no window manager

Hi all,

[please CC as not subscribed to list]

Just upgraded to gnome 2 from sid, and it went through the upgrade process
without any complaints. However, enlightenment is not being started, nor
indeed can I find any options on the new control panel (which I could only
find on the "Debian Menu->Apps->System->Gnome->Gnome Control Center 2" menu)
which allow you to select the window manager.

>From the "Applications->Desktop Preferences" menu, there appear to be a
different set of configuration items to those available in the control
center itself. In the Advanced submenu, all but screensaver are listed.
The accessibility submenu seems complete, but there is nothing from the
Desktop Preferences section of control center.

I've finally resorted to starting enlightenment as part of the session, but
presumably this /isn't/ the right way to do this?

Please let me know if there's any more information you need me to provide.

Thanks in advance.

Miah Gregory

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