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Re: gnome-wm

Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> writes:

> On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 20:53, Colin Walters wrote:

> I just made a full policy proposal.  I think it should make everyone
> happy.  

> http://bugs.debian.org/167004

> Christian, could you look over it?  The policy maintainers indicated to
> me on IRC that they would only add it to policy after it had been
> integrated, so if you are in agreement, I will commit support to our
> gnome-session CVS for it, and supply patches to the metacity and sawfish
> packages.

I disagree with that. Users already don't know how to setup the default
x-window manager, and now you want to introduce an new

I think the best choice is to increase the value to 30 or 40 if a
window manager complies with the Window Manager Specification Project
and keep only one alternative for window manager.


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