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Re: gnome 2 settings

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 12:57:49PM -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
> Also, it would be nice if you could give us more information than "my
> carefully crafted settings blew up".  I know you are a technical person,
> and you should know that vague statements like that don't help in
> debugging.

Yes, I know; me bad.

> Were panels in the wrong places?  Did some applets not make the
> transition?  Were your custom icons for Wanda the Fish not preserved?  Etc.

As far as I could tell, _none_ of my settings were preserved, and I got all
the defaults (I suppose some were, but they weren't the visually obvious

I think much of this might be due the conversion script not finishing, so I'm
not sure whether it's worth going into tons of detail (but I'll try a bit

Off the top of my head:

  * The panels I got bore no resemblance to what I had before; in particular,
    before I had 3 corner panels of various sizes, in the NW, SE, and SW
    corners, with launchers, applets, etc.  Afterwards, I had just a top-edge
    `menu panel' (don't want that), and a bottom-edge panel with just a
    task-list and a `window nav' (don't know the name) applet.

    I think some of the applets I used to use weren't included with gnome2,
    so that might explain some things (and the gnome-applets [?] package
    didn't get upgraded until the _next_ time I ran aptitude, for some
    reason, though it didn't show up as broken or held the first time),
    though not the launchers.

  * My `gnome menu' customizations weren't preserved (before I had only
    debian menus enabled, and all others turned off, with the debian menus
    merged into the top-level).  There doesn't seem to be a menu-editor
    anymore, so I'm not sure how to get this one back...

  * My background image wasn't preserved.

  * None of my gnome-terminal settings seem to have been preserved (roughly:
    colors, scroll-bar pos, menu-bar-hidden).

  * Some `general' UI settings weren't preserved; the only one I remember
    right now is that before I had `icons only' for task-bars, and afterwards
    I had icons&text.

  * At first it seemed to have tried to preserve my theme, but failed -- it
    was really wierd, widgets seem to be randomly using either my old dark
    theme or the default light-background theme.  I tried to use the
    control-center to change it, but that didn't appear to work; later I
    realized this was because I had a `.gtkrc-2.0' file that pointed to my
    old gnome1 theme (I needed this before for gnome-terminal, which was
    updated to 2.0 before everything else), and that some things were using
    that, and some things were using the default theme.

    Deleting the file and using the control-center to change things
    "properly" fixed this.  [BTW, the desktop icon that's supposed to invoke
    gnomecc didn't work, because there was no program called `gnomecc' --
    only `gnome-control-center']

  * My start-up settings weren't preserved:  before I _didn't_ run the
    `desktop' program, but afterwards I got nautilus doing that; also before
    I had an entry that ran `xrdb', which wasn't preserved.

Well, that's all that comes to mind right now; if I remember anything else
that seems important I'll send a followup.

BTW, the fonts look very nice in gnome2 (actually, that seems to be the main
obvious improvement).


P.S.  All information contained in the above letter is false,
      for reasons of military security.

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