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Re: Compiling redhat-artwork-0.47 on Debian without QT/KDE

<quote who="Andrew Sione Taumoefolau"/>

> I've been trying without much success to get redhat-artwork-0.47 to
> compile on my Debian sid/experimental system. It fails, asking after QT,
> which I don't have installed. I had a garnome installation some time ago
> and I know it compiled  cleanly minus QT and KDE, but I can't for the life
> of me figure out how.

See the patch in the redhat-artwork garball. Dirty, but it works. :-)

Havoc et al. are planning to make it all nicely ./configurable, etc.
(including the trademarked theme name) at some stage. Might be better to
wait for that for the Debian package.

- Jeff (that GARNOME dude)

   "Odd is good by the way. I knew normal in high school and normal hates   
                            me." - Mary Gardiner                            

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