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Re: [desktop] Please read the vFolder spec [Was: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks]

On 28 Oct 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Implementing your own menu editor and such is nontrivial, and e.g. you
> will also have to update the gnome/kde docs and i18n to reflect the
> change, and keep forward-porting your patches as upstream changes. It
> doesn't make sense IMO. Speaking as someone who has modified upstream
> menu systems in a _smaller_ way than I understand you are suggesting.
> Though I'll admit I don't fully understand what you are planning.

I do not think it will be necessary for Debian to implement a menu
editor, etc., nice, but not required.

Awhile back (when the move to revamp the menu system was first being
considered, or so I gathered from Ivan M.) I delved into the matter
(primarily wrt KDE) and concluded that it was best to let each de look
after its own menu system.  Build the entries and put them into a
heirarchy, but let the de or wm's owm tools and the sysadmin merge them
in with their own stuff.

With Debian-KDE (but should be applicable to any desktop or wm with its
own menu handling subsystem) I would expect it would involve either
handing off to kappfinder, dropping them into the system-wide structure
(as is done now), or letting users select to either link them into their
own menu structure (i.e., ~/.kde/.../applnk) or hand off to kappfinder.
Whatever the sysadmin chooses to allow.  Which options are implemented
and what the default is would be a matter for the people on debian-kde, 
because it is more of a packager-user thing than a Debian (system-wide) 
or KDE (environment specific) thing.

- Bruce

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