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Re: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 7:20 PM, Nick Leverton at nick@leverton.org wrote:

> Why just make one decision when you can make two, though ?  And
> isn't it All About Choice[tm] anyway ? ;-)
Yeah, except that too much choice is rough too.  Does anyone here believe
that Debian's current menu structure, deeply nested with beaucoup items
because it seeks to make available ALL apps is simple, elegant, and easy to
use for Linux newbies?

Simple ease of use often conflicts with lots of choices and flexibility and
power.  To achieve the one, you must sacrifice the other.

> Seriously, I would actually like it if there were some commonality of
> grouping in the menu structure between different distros, so that I don't
> have to hunt through the menus to find things, every time I swap between
> the wife's Mandrake system and my Debian one.  If that were possible,
> perhaps also under the aegis of freedesktop.org, I wouldn't mind half
> as much having to search an extra folder in each category !

Heh. After reading all the hullaballoo we have generated so far in debating
just an OPTIONAL Debian menu structure, can you imagine the flamefests and
debate over a unified Linux menu structure across all distros?  Whew!  It
would be enough to burn down every building in Chicago I betcha ;-)

Seriously though, by the time Debian Desktop accomplishes its goals, maybe
your wife will be very happy to switch to slick and easy to use, and much
more stable, Debian Desktop! ;-)

Luke Seubert

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