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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 6:29 PM, Nick Leverton at nick@leverton.org wrote:

> I'm with the "Want to group like tasks with like" camp, myself.  But why
> not make it an Option[tm] ?  Have a configurable bit in the menu program
> called "Flatten Debian" or something, which will fold any "/Debian"
> menu into the level above it.

Hmm, that might be doable.  It does add more complexity for the folks
working on the backend of all this stuff.  And it adds another slightly
complicated question during install time possibily - "Attention User - Do
you want both Gnome and KDE apps showing up in your Menu?"  While this
question would be meant to help the clueless newbie achieve a simpler GUI
after install, the question could be horribly confusing and nonsensical for
said newbie.

Is there a good alternative way to accomplish your suggestion that I am too
tired to think of right now?

Luke Seubert

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