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Re: Gnome2 menus

On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 22:01, Joe Barnett wrote:
> 1)  what is the proper way to change menu items on a system-wide (at least as
> the default) basis.  For example, currently Evolution is in "office" but I'd
> rather it be in "internet" and openoffice.org (unofficial .debs) apps are in
> "other" but I'd rather they be in "office"...  if i use nautilus to switch
> these as root, it doesn't seem to change for all users... etc.  I'd also like
> to add system wide launchers into the menus for applications that do not
> generate a default gnome2 menu launcher.

The correct way is to open applications-all-users:// in Nautilus. 
Generally, launchers being in the wrong folder is a bug, and needs to be
fixed.  I've submitted a patch to fix the OpenOffice.org launchers, you
may want to mail them as well to get this fix in the packages :)

> 2)  when I do change menus, it doesn't apply until i kill and restart the panel

Fixed with the latest releases I believe.

> 3)  gnome1 applications (to be specific: gcombust, and others I can't currently
> remember) sometimes generate faulty launchers that result in the following
> error:
>      Can't Launch entry
>      Details: Not a launchable item.

File bugs.  Read the vFolder Standard from freedesktop.org, and install
desktop-file-utils to validate the .desktop files.  Strangly enough,
gcombust works fine for me ;)

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