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Gnome2 menus

I have a few questions about the gnome2 menu heigherarchy:

1)  what is the proper way to change menu items on a system-wide (at least as
the default) basis.  For example, currently Evolution is in "office" but I'd
rather it be in "internet" and openoffice.org (unofficial .debs) apps are in
"other" but I'd rather they be in "office"...  if i use nautilus to switch
these as root, it doesn't seem to change for all users... etc.  I'd also like
to add system wide launchers into the menus for applications that do not
generate a default gnome2 menu launcher.

2)  when I do change menus, it doesn't apply until i kill and restart the panel

3)  gnome1 applications (to be specific: gcombust, and others I can't currently
remember) sometimes generate faulty launchers that result in the following
     Can't Launch entry

     Details: Not a launchable item.

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