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Re: dependency problems with gnome

On ons, 2002-10-16 at 12:53, Ian Wienand wrote:
> Hate to reply to myself but
> On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 06:08:38PM +1000, Ian Wienand wrote:
> >
> > For some reason, the panel and various menu's have defaulted to this
> > hideous ArnoldBoecklin font.  I can find one reference to this
> > happening to someone else via google, but no real resoultion.
> this is with anti-aliased fonts only.  for some reason, most of my
> fonts can't be anti-alised or something, so they all default to the
> first one that can, ArnoldBoecklin.

in the package "anti-aliasing-howto" there is a sample .Xftconfig that
defines which fonts are suitable or not for anti-aliasing...
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