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Re: xlibs-dev issues and fontconfig/xft2 packages

On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 15:11, Branden Robinson wrote:
> [Please follow-up to both lists; I am not subscribed to
> debian-gtk-gnome.]

Ditto; I'm not on -x :)

> Okay, so that means you won't upload them to unstable, right?


> Keith Packard hasn't finished hacking on fontconfig yet; I see important
> changes to it in XFree86 CVS almost every day and IMO we should not
> push this stuff into unstable until it's seen an upstream release.

I agree.  But it's useful right now, so I thought I'd make packages
available.  A lot of people use Debian sid as a development platform.

> Yeah, I can do that.  I might want to bite the bullet and bust out xft
> altogether.

I think that makes sense.

> Yes, I realize that will mean a rebuild of all packages that have shlib
> depends on xlibs for libxft.

Poor m68k :)

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