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Re: xlibs-dev issues and fontconfig/xft2 packages

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On Sun, Oct 13, 2002 at 08:30:38PM -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
> I've created packages of fontconfig and libxft2; these are needed at
> least for compiling GNOME 2.1.  In the future, they're supposed to be
> part of the XFree distribution, so these packages are only temporary. 

Okay, so that means you won't upload them to unstable, right?

If you were thinking about it, please don't.

Keith Packard hasn't finished hacking on fontconfig yet; I see important
changes to it in XFree86 CVS almost every day and IMO we should not
push this stuff into unstable until it's seen an upstream release.

> Note however that my libxft2-dev package will divert parts of xlibs-dev,
> because the libxft1 and libxft2 headers conflict.  I think the best
> solution to this problem is to split libxft1-dev into its own package
> from xlibs-dev, and just have it and libxft2 conflict.  Branden, could
> you do that? 

Yeah, I can do that.  I might want to bite the bullet and bust out xft

Yes, I realize that will mean a rebuild of all packages that have shlib
depends on xlibs for libxft.

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