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gnome2 broken on PPC

I tried to update my wife's powerbook running Debian
unstable to gnome2 today, but it did not work at all.  I
installed everything with "apt-get -t experimental install
gnome2".  When I start gnome, there are many problems:

1) gnome-settings-daemon is not installed.  This was
provided by gnome-control-center2, but is not in
gnome-control-center>=2.  This file is required.

2) gnome vfs was lacking some modules.  I noticed vfolder
was missing, but there may be others.  It appears that the
gnome-vfs build/libtool problems are not yet fixed.

3) There was nothing in the GNOME menu.  Probably due to

4) There was nothing on the desktop.  See above.

5) The default screen font appears to be Courier.  That's a
terrible default, and of course I couldn't change it because
I had no control panels.

6) I had the annoying 30-second delay when starting the WM,
which I don't have, but have had, with gnome 1.4.

I reverted her desktop to gnome 1.4.  It was certainly
instructive to try installing it from scratch.  On my other
machines that have been using gnome2 since they debuted in
experimental, i have no problems, but installing from
scratch is a different beast.


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