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Re: GNOME 2.1.x is not ready for Debian

Am Sam, 2002-10-05 um 16.54 schrieb Sven LUTHER:
> Like said, right now gnome2 is in experimental, and we can do nothing
> against it. But next time this happen (when we will package gnome 2.2 or
> whatever) we might want to change this and use a staging area (altough,
> like said, the fact that someone has to manage it is a problem).

I think that it's possible to set up a directory on www.gnome-de.org for
gnome2.x packages. I could assign accounts for people who want to upload
packages and create an http-upload form. Until GNOME 2.2 is out it
should be possible, what do you think?

(webmaster of gnome-de.org)

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