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Re: GNOME 2.1.x is not ready for Debian

On Sat, Oct 05, 2002 at 04:12:05PM +0200, Stefan Schwandter wrote:
> Graham Wilson wrote:
> > > Could i ask that we _DON'T_ put 2.1.x in experimental, but in a	separate
> > > staging area. When the time is right for it that is naturally.
> > that means we would have to find a maintainer who is willing.
> > experimental isnt all to difficult. just be sure not to do:
> >  # apt-get upgrade -t experimental upgrade
> > as that might mess your system up.
> I think his point was, that the current packages in experimental
> shouldn't be replaced by new, 2.1.x ones, and I agree with him here. How
> is gnome2 for debian supposed to stabilize if always the latest snapshot
> release is uploaded?

Well, my point is that when in the future gnome 2.0 is in unstable, and
we will package 2.1.x as more unstable than unstable (or whatever) that
we don't put it in experimental, but in a separate staging area.

But then, i didn't know that we don't have any automated way to setup a
staging area, and experimental is just easier to setup for us, altough
it may screw the user who want to experiment with it.

There seem to be ways to use experimental without messing up everything,
but they are not the most logical, and not the ones that i as user will
try the first.


Sven Luther

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