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Re: Gnome 2 transition

Le Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 03:20:49AM -0700, Chris Waters écrivait:
> > Even though upstream have released Gnome 2.0 to the wide public, some
> > uystream people still think that Gnome 2 is not yet ready to be imposed to
> > our unstable users.
> Gnome2 is ready for users.  Everyone agrees that Gnome2 should go to
> unstable.  The question is whether it's ready to <em>replace</em>
> Gnome1, or whether Gnome1 should be maintained in parallel until a

When I say "impose", it's because Gnome2 would replace Gnome1.4 thus
leaving no choice to unstable users. Otherwise nothing would be "imposed".

It was not a misstatement.

> smoother upgrade path is available.  Debian has a reputation for
> providing smooth upgrades, and simply removing Gnome1 at this point in
> time does not seem to meet our usual standards.

Of course, Gnome1 is kept in testing in any case ...

> Maybe if we keep dithering and arguing long enough, Christian will
> finish the update scripts, and the whole thing will become moot.  :)

I'd like it to be that way, but I'm afraid people will always be able
to be unsatisfied in a way or in another with Gnome 2 since some upstream
decisions have been criticized by some advanced users (ie removal of 
cruft^H^Hconfiguration options). Furthermore not all applets are ported...

But I prefer nevertheless to have Gnome2 only in unstable. 

[ People who are definitely annoyed by the lack of an applet for example
  will decide that it's time to invest some time to port it. :-)
  Or they'll downgrade to Gnome1.4 in testing. ]

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