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Re: Gnome 2 transition

Raphael Hertzog writes:

> The problem :
> -------------
> Even though upstream have released Gnome 2.0 to the wide public, some
> uystream people still think that Gnome 2 is not yet ready to be imposed to
> our unstable users.

This is a fairly severe misstatement.  First, it's also not just "some
upstream people", it's several users and developers including at least
one upstream and a few debian maintainers.

Secondly (and much more importantly), the question is not whether
Gnome2 is ready for users.  Everyone agrees that Gnome2 should go to
unstable.  The question is whether it's ready to <em>replace</em>
Gnome1, or whether Gnome1 should be maintained in parallel until a
smoother upgrade path is available.  Debian has a reputation for
providing smooth upgrades, and simply removing Gnome1 at this point in
time does not seem to meet our usual standards.

> We have some core Gnome2 package in experimental. They have a
> "2" suffix.

And really, the heart of the argument is whether those packages should
retain the suffix when they move to unstable or not.  Obviously, in
the long term, we don't want the suffixes, so if we keep them for now,
we'll need a long term strategy for getting rid of them, which is, I
confess, an argument for getting rid of them (and dumping Gnome1).  On
the other hand, while Gnome2 seems good enough for most people, it
does seem to have some "x.0 release" type issues, especially with
regard to font handling and configuration.

Basically, it comes down to: people will be (and, in fact, are) upset
if we get rid of Gnome1, because Gnome2 is not a perfect replacement
yet (however good it may be on its own terms).  On the other hand,
it's probably more work in the long term to keep Gnome1 around
(although several people, including me, have volunteered to help with
the extra work).

Maybe if we keep dithering and arguing long enough, Christian will
finish the update scripts, and the whole thing will become moot.  :)

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