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Re: GNOME 2 in unstable announcement

<quote who="Joe Drew">

> We should probably make some sort of announcement on -devel-announce a
> few days before the core of GNOME 2 is uploaded to unstable, so that
> people who don't want their desktop replaced can place certain packages
> on hold.
> My current shortlist:
>  * nautilus
>  * gnome-panel
>  * gnome-session
>  * gnome-desktop
> Any others?

Wouldn't it be cool to announce:

  "If you're interested in testing the GNOME 2 desktop on unstable, in
  preparation for its use in sarge, please install the gnome-desktop2
  dependency package. Other GNOME 2 software is available for testing with
  *2 package names."

Then you'd get lots of keen, interested testers (who have made the choice to
contribute to the testing process), no flames for fucking up people's
desktops (who are not interested in doing useful testing, they just want to
keep using their desktops as per), and a smooth transition strategy for
_both unstable and sarge_.

There's no need to maintain both 1.x and 2.x packages, either. You can
orphan them as part of this strategy (noting that the desktop ones will not
be required once the transition is over), or just not worry about them
(there are only two really significant bugs in GNOME 1.4 - in libzvt and the

I'm really boggling at this. :-)

- Jeff

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