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i386 baseline issue for Go packages in Bookworm


As the release of Go 1.16, upstream no longer supports x87-only floating-point.


> require at least SSE2 support on 386, raising Go's minimum GOARCH=386
> requirement to the Intel Pentium 4 (released in 2000) or
> AMD Opteron/Athlon 64 (released in 2003).

So we have 3 options for Go packages on i386 in Bookwarm.

1. Raise the i386 baseline to SSE2.
2. Downgrade the Go packages to softfloat.
3. Build all Go packages with GCCGO on i386.

As for the option 3, I don't how best is supported by upstream.
But most packages may work, if some specific packages FTBFS after switching
to GCCGO, they need to be removed on i386 unfortunately.

What people prefer for the 3 options?

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