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Re: RFS: ffcvt version 1.5.05

On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 7:21 PM Dmitry Smirnov <onlyjob@debian.org> wrote:
> On Thursday, 2 January 2020 11:07:21 AM AEDT Felix Lechner wrote:
> > Does that mean we can close #947630?
> Frankly I don't know... I've seen the warning on golang packages but some
> time ago it disappeared after upgrading Lintian so I reckon the bug might
> have been already fixed in which case it would be OK to close it.
> I did not read Lintian changelogs to confirm if that's the case.

It might not be. I actually get the same warning as well, using the
same lintian that warned me the statically-linked-binary problem. I
have a feeling that it got to be the way that *I use it*, as this is
the first time I'm trying it and I'm still learning my ropes. will
play a bit more, to learn more about it...

To be honest, #947630 seems to be tough one to find a solution. . .

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