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How to port my self test to Debian building


This is how I do self test with my go project:

( cd test; ./test-all.sh; )


and in test-all.sh I call `../ffcvt` as it is where `go build` put my
compile binary:


However, under Debian building, everything changed. I saw:

make[1]: Entering directory '/sysvol/dg/ffcvt/ffcvt'
dh_auto_test --verbose
        cd obj-x86_64-linux-gnu && go test -vet=off -v -p 2
?       github.com/suntong/ffcvt        [no test files]
( cd test; ./test-all.sh; )
./test-all.sh: 7: ../ffcvt: not found

How can I make proper changes so that it works for both manual
run and Debian build?

I.e. under obj-x86_64-linux-gnu, I saw ffcvt being at bin/ffcvt and my
test folder being at ./src/github.com/suntong/ffcvt/test. is there any
builtin environment variable that can help me finding them easily, and
the method being simple and portable enough so that I can apply to any
other of my packages?


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