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Re: Bug#928227: technical solutions enabling binNMUs in the security archive (support of golang packages)

Paul Gevers writes:
> On 20-05-2019 09:06, Ansgar wrote:
>> I though about importing the full source to security-master already for
>> a different reason: `Built-Using` leads to a similar problem as binNMUs
>> in that uploads require source that is not already present in the
>> archive.
>> It is not necessary to push all sources to the public mirrors.
> Does this mean you think it is feasible to do/fix this in the near future?

Importing sources once is probably doable; writing something to continue
updating them (at point release time and similar) takes more time which
I currently can't commit to.

There is also the question of storage: the full buster source is
something like 60 GB+, but security-master only has 63 GB free storage
right now (need to check with DSA by how much that could increase).
Though we might need more storage over the lifetime of Buster anyway as
eventually oldstable will have debug symbols too...

If storage is a problem, we would need to look at importing only
subsets, but I don't really like treating packages differently.


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