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Bug#759530: libc-bin: ldconfig breaks a system


Could this bug be caused by a corrupt aux-cache[1] (possibly, in
addition to a corrupt ld.so.cache)?

A bit of google searching suggests that a broken aux-cache can cause
ldconfig to seg. fault.  With the ld.so.cache itself being corrupt (or
sufficiently outdated?), both ldconfig and most other binaries would
simply "just seg. fault" fitting the symptoms pretty well so far.

It partly also fits with the removal of libjasper1, as the removed
library would force ldconfig to *not* use its cache for said library.
Though I cannot explain why it seems like stat itself seg. faults.

Assuming my hypothesis is correct, a broken system could be restored by

 $ ldconfig.real --ignore-aux-cache

Failling that:

 $ > /var/cache/ldconfig/aux-cache
 $ ldconfig.real

Maybe take a copy of the aux-cache before doing the "restore"
command(s).  This way we should be able to "re-break" the system by
re-instating the old aux-cache (and possibly breaking the ld.so.cache).


[1] /var/cache/ldconfig/aux-cache

[2] Using ldconfig.real in case /bin/sh got borked by the ld.so.cache as

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