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Bug#639225: locales: Proposed Serbian, ijekavian flavour, cyrillic, locale for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Quoting Aurelien Jarno (aurelien@aurel32.net):

> This looks like a good way to me to support this language. However given
> this is not a standard locale (based on ISO code), I think we should try
> to get this upstream (GNU libc) first. This way if upstream wants to use
> a different name, we won't have to do a transition later. This will also 
> helps sharing translation between distributions.
> Do you want me to forward this new locale upstream, or do you prefer to
> do it?

Merci Aurélien, for your answer. I'm fine if you do so (you probably
better know how to deal with upstream than me....and you probably
gained more legitimity with it). 

A few arguments may help:

- locale modifiers are meant for this use..:-)
- some KDE programs already use files named sr@ijekavian
- there is already a ca@valencia locale for about the same reasons
(not sure if it is upstream, though).

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