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Bug#639225: locales: Proposed Serbian, ijekavian flavour, cyrillic, locale for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hi Christian,

On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 07:54:05AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Package: locales
> Version: 2.13-16
> Severity: normal
> Tags: patch
> The attached locale covers the Serbian language (ijekavian flavour)
> that is spoken in the Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
> A variant is needed as Serbian as spoken and written in Bosnia and
> Herzegovina (essentially in the Republika Srpska entity) is
> significantly different from Serbian as spoken and written in Republic
> of Serbia (sr_RS locale).
> This locale is the result of a consensus reached between the Serbian
> translators of both Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to allow them to
> work on localization in both variants.
> Having this locale in Debian (and, I hope, in upstream glibc), will
> allow for translation files named "sr@ijekavian.po" to be used while
> sr.po files will be kept for the "ekavian" variant used in Serbia.
> Indeed, some KDE programs are already using that convention.
> This locale covers the cyrillic form of the language. Another locale,
> named sr_BA@ijekavianlatin will soon be proposed.
> The locale was written as a derived work of the sr_ME locale (Serbian
> in Montenegro) as the language used in sr_ME is indeed the "ijekavian"
> variant of Serbian.

This looks like a good way to me to support this language. However given
this is not a standard locale (based on ISO code), I think we should try
to get this upstream (GNU libc) first. This way if upstream wants to use
a different name, we won't have to do a transition later. This will also 
helps sharing translation between distributions.

Do you want me to forward this new locale upstream, or do you prefer to
do it?

Aurelien Jarno                          GPG: 1024D/F1BCDB73
aurelien@aurel32.net                 http://www.aurel32.net

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