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Re: [bash] Everything Segfaults After lib6 -7 Upgrade

reassign 630608 libc6 2.13-7

Hi David,

David Baron wrote:

> After upgrading lib6 to current Sid (-7), everything, I mean everything 
> segfaults. System will boot up very normally but as soon as I log in, the fun 
> begins.
> There are numerous error messages from the bashrc or conf. Then, once again, 
> everything segfaults. Big red switch time.
> Since everything in bootup ran normally, and only when I enter a sh do I get 
> the problem, I am filing this on bash. Re-route if I am mistaken.

Could you send some error messages, for example by taking a photograph of
the screen?  Also if you remember the order of events and when exactly the
segfaults started, that would be very helpful.

Thanks for reporting,

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