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Will the lenny glibc version stay the very same as it's now in sid?

Hi all,

firstly, sorry that I simply jump into this mailing list with a user
question, but our problem is not lightweight.

In our scientific communtiy (www.ligo.org) we are using Condor
(http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/) as our batch system. Since Condor has a
special mode where some libc functions are replaced by Condor internal
functions upon compilation of user programs, their releases and support
are usually very tightly linked to the libc of the system. since Lenny
is at least visible on the horizon and our next big scientific data
taking will start in March or April 09, we would like to know if it's
already safe for the Condor team starting to work on the port to Debian
Lenny or if think that the glibc in sid right now will most likely
differ (significantly) with the version shipped later with Lenny?

If you are 99.9+% certain that not much will change, that *might* help
us given the Condor team and us more time for porting.

Thanks a lot for reading this and hopefully you can give me a brief reply



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