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Bug#494468: lower the severity?

The package supports a method of adding unsupported locales but that
this method does not appear to have been used.

Unless the submitter can demonstrate that the existing support is
broken, I think this bug should be downgraded to normal.

It seems reasonable to me that a package can drop configuration values
that are unsupported by the package - especially if the package does
have a way of extending support to meet particular needs.
Unless /usr/locale/share/i18n/SUPPORTED can be shown to be broken, I
don't see a bug here - except maybe a wishlist one for the maintainer
script to explain what it has done or some comment in README.Debian
about how to use /usr/locale/share/i18n/SUPPORTED (especially as that is
a rather strange path - I was expecting /usr/share/locales/SUPPORTED or
something similar).


Neil Williams

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