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Bug#498171: Incorrect Debian README in tzdata

>>>>> "Aurelien" == Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> writes:

Aurelien> Look again at the README.Debian file. It doesn't pretend that
Aurelien> the "right db" should return the TAI time.

Aurelien> It is the db to use if your hardware clock is set to TAI, so
Aurelien> that the returned time is correct.

The hardware clock is not relevant once the system is up, and ntp deals
with (fractions of) seconds since its epoch, which is defined relative
to UTC.

right converts from seconds since 1970/January/01T00:00:00 UTC (the
time_t epoch) to UTC-based time; posix converts to POSIX-based time.

The README should say something to the effect that if you care about
real wall-clock time use right and if you want to pretend that every
day has exactly 60*60*24 seconds choose posix.

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