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Bug#419467: Whoa, upstream wontfix?

Greg Alexander a écrit :
> Hello -
> If the next version of glibc stopped running under the Linux kernel,
> period, would you also tag it upstream wontfix?

If the Linux kernel is something deprecated yes.

> Seriously guys, when the glibc people make a big mistake like this,
> you are not distributing a working distribution when you follow their
> lead.  upstream is not a carte blanche tag, especially on a critical
> package like libc6.

Please don't speak about things you don't know. Everybody except a few
illuminated people think it is a good decision.

> You're not going to make the decision as to whether or not Debian will
> drop support for 2.4 linux kernels without some sort of wider public

The decision has been taken for a long time and is not the decision of
the glibc team only.

> input.  The fact that Aurelien tagged this as wontfix speaks of an
> unbearable arrogance and we are all just fortunate that I am not
> swearing at this moment.  Other users who are even less polite will
> follow.  This problem will not be swept under the carpet.

Because you think you are polite when you say "unbearable arrogance"?
Fuck off.

> What is a work around?  This is a serious problem.
> Do I have to build libc6 without NPTL and then repackage it so debian
> will let me install programs that improperly depend on the new version?

Yes if you have time to loose that seems a good idea. If you have even
more time to loose you can backport the necessary kernel code from 2.6
to 2.4.

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