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Bug#421280: More info

Thibaut VARENE a écrit :
> I "fixed" this issue by reinstalling tzdata 2007e-3, which set the
> timezone to "Africa/Abidjan" (the timezone was "none" before that). I
> then upgraded to 2007e-6 without a problem.

Why do you mean by "none"? Was it the contents of /etc/timezone? Also do
you remember to what pointed /etc/localtime?

I have made a lot of tests, I have been unable to came in such a situation.

> There was never such an issue before that, I suspect that 2007e-6
> introduced some change that renders it incompatible with setups (such
> as chroots) with no timezone set.

tzdata 2007e-3 is known to have such problems but they should be fixed
in 2007e-6.

If somebody is reading this bug log and still having the problem, could
you please send me the output of:
ls -l /etc/localtime
cat /etc/timezone


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