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Bug#419189: Error on installing libc6 2.5-1 - breaks system

>   The point is that your system has very akward things, as what lies in
> your /lib/tls:
>   * _seems_ to come from a libc 2.3.2;
>   * still has a libc-2.3.6.so too that has not the correct permissions
>     _BUT_ the same size and date as the libc-2.3.2.so (which is
>     completely absurd).
>   * sizes that are unrecorded in known debian packages.
>   So we're really wondering what has been happening on that system. Did
> you installed ubuntu packages at some point ? did you do anything
> peculiar to your system ? do you use prelink ? well, any kind of
> additionnal informations would be really apprecited.
>   Oh and which kernel did you had _before_ the glibc2.5 upgrade ? a 2.6
> ? or still a 2.4 ?

The "strange" files come from knoppix 5.2. I have forgotten to tell you about a stupid try to repair the system. I'm really sorry. 

I used ever a 2.6 kernel. 

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