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Bug#325600: closed by Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> (Closing bugs fixed in unreleased version 2.4-1 of the glibc)

Tom Evans a écrit :
> The patch that you didn't know existed was included with the bug report.

It was not clearly marked as a patch, moreover it looks more like a bad
workaround than a fix. I still have some resistance to apply it for etch r1.

And remember we are humans, we already have problems handling all the
bugs that are coming every days, so we don't have time to read in
details all the bugs that sit in the BTS.

> I am trying the patch that Aurelien suggested - it does look like a 
> better solution - I was going to try to decode the inline assembler in 
> that area this weekend to see if there was a mistake.
> There have been offers on the debian-alpha list for Alpha machine 
> donations - some of them decent enough machines.
> What needs to happen for a machine to be useful for developers?

We need that people stop complaining against the glibc maintainers, and
instead complains to the debian-admin guys.

You should already be happy that we manage to get a glibc package for
alpha, without having access to an alpha machine. Don't expect more in
such conditions.

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