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Bug#325600: libc6.1: Threads remain <defunct> on Alpha with libc6. 2.3.5-4

Is there a simple way to reinstall the sarge(stable) libc6.1 again on an testing system and prevent apt-get from updating it (very important - I never found out how to prevent apt-get from updating specific packages that should stay unchanged - any apt.conf directive)? Which .debs must be installed from sarge again?

My alpha machine is completely useless with this bug because for example the "gnome cups icon" creates a thread every 15 seconds. After a hour you have 240 processes hanging around. With every zombie process it gets slower and kernel uses more memory. This applies also to amule and mysqld.

Normally this machine runs all the time and runs some x11 applications in the gnome desktop (e.g. amule). This is not possible anymore because of the zombification of the processes.


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