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glibc init script buggy and fugly


First off, many thanks for your hard work on the debian glibc packages.
It is much appreciated.

Second, I have some comments on the packaging.  I hope you'll take this 
as constructive criticism.

1.  /etc/init.d/glibc.sh is not bourne shell compatible, despite it's 
    #!/bin/sh shebang line.  I see that fixes have been posted to this
    list already, so I'll leave it at that and for the rest I'll wonder
    quietly why this wasn't caught by lintian or any other deb-checking
    tool du jour. (Naturally, I assume that a package as important as 
    glibc is thoroughly checked before uploading...)

2.  The whole script looks fugly to me.  I'm running on an i386 machine
    here, and it doesn't need to parse all the other arch kernel version
    special casings.  I suggest that you change the source of the init
    script to a macro-expandable version that fills in the right checks
    at build time.  This way, every arch-binary package will have its
    own, smaller version of the init script.  This may sound a little 
    anal to request, but little things stack up.  IMHO cutting down boot
    time is a goal worth striving for.  Also, smaller and to-the-point
    scripts are easier to read and require less additional documentation.

I trust that #2 wouldn't be to hard for the glibc maintainer team, but
if you are seriously overworked, push me and I'll take a stab at a patch

Once again, thanks for all your valued efforts.



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