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Re: r1026 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . debhelper.in local/etc_init.d rules.d script.in

At Fri, 26 Aug 2005 02:43:39 +0000,
Masanori Goto wrote:
>     * Introduce bootstrap kernel version check script.
>       - debian/debhelper.in/libc.preinst: Move detection script to...
>       - debian/script.in/kernelcheck.sh: ...this, new file.
>       - debian/local/etc_init.d/glibc.sh: New file, it includes kernelcheck.sh.
>       - debian/debhelper.in/libc.postinst: Invoke /etc/init.d/glibc.sh as S01.
>       - debian/rules.d/debhelper.mk: Add replacing KERNEL_VERSION_CHECK and
>         EXIT_CHECK for libc.preinst and glibc.sh.
>       - debian/debhelper.in/libc.dirs: Create etc/init.d.

This commit introduces /etc/init.d/glibc.sh.  This file is invoked
through /etc/rcS.d/S01glibc.sh, it checks kernel version
incompatibility with glibc package.  The checking script is used in
libc.preinst, but now both libc.preinst and /etc/init.d/glibc.sh have
the detection code.

The purpose of this change is to inspect some problematic kernel
version numbers, not only libc6 installation time but also during
kernel booting up.  Check is used for example glibc mets invalid
kernel version like 2.6.1220050825 or glibc detects pre 2.4.24 running
kernel on real i386 architecture that does not support an important

I choised to use S01glibc.sh, because this check should be done
earlier than other scripts invocation.

I'll put glibc 2.3.5-5 soon after ppc64 stuff is put and test is done.

-- gotom

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