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D3gress Based On Life Experience

Hey libc6-dev@packages.debian.org,

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Things are extremely tight right now, with the addition of the 3 new mouths the bills went up as well as cost of food and other items, add to that the rising cost of fuel and milk and well to say the least we are barely making it and I mean barely. I have caught my self walking around the house looking at what we are paying for items like the living room furniture and thinking If I give that back that will save $$$ each month. There are certain things that have to be paid, RENT,VAN,GYM,LOAN FROM MOM. Yes the Gym could be given up BUT I use it and it helps me keep somewhat sane beside it is the one thing that I can do by my self. When B get her training done it will start helping because she can then get as much OT as she can handle without killing herself. We just have to be able to get through the next few months. I know if we can it will be a lot better. We are so close to getting the loans paid off once that is done the waters should calm down a bunch. well I am goona stop before I get even more upset.....thanks for looking in on my world, if anything it should make you feel better about yours......LOL.3

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