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Re: future libc6-sparcv9 and libc6-sparcv9b support

> Thanks for your precious follow up.
>  From your suggestion, normal libc6 package (that's also usable for
> pre sparcv9 archs) does not have any NPTL support, but libc6-sparcv9
> (and v9b) can have NPTL support.  IIRC, you have worked for 64bit NPTL
> support on sparc, so I expect libc6-sparc64 will be able to support
> NPTL without hassle.
> BTW, if we move to glibc 2.4 series in future, at that time we may
> need to drop LT support.  It means the traditional pre sparcv9 system
> will be also dropped.  Is that acceptable direction for sparc users?
> (Note that dropping LT is not decided and I think we shouldn't do so
> currently).

IMO, sparc32 should soon go the way of 386 and m68k support. Yes,
supporting these machines is nice, but there just aren't many people
supporting them upstream (which makes it harder for Debian to do so).
AFAIK, there is only one krnel hacker trying to get sparc32 to remain in a
working state.

When that happens there will only be libc6 package (with standard v9
optimization), and v9b optimized packages. The 64-bit package will never
go away.

You guys can decide when and if to do this.

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