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Bug#320515: BITS_PER_LONG used unconditionally but defined only if __KERNEL__ is defined

* GOTO Masanori [Tue, 02 Aug 2005 00:12:49 +0900]:

> At Mon, 1 Aug 2005 14:24:19 +0200,
> Adeodato Sims wrote:
> > > This bug also affects xorg-x11, which FTBFS with current l-k-h as some input
> > > drivers #include <linux/joystick.h>

> > Hello,

> >   Please consider prioritizing this bug, since we can't get a first
> >   build of xorg-x11 on SPARC until it gets fixed (previously we were
> >   bitten by #318979). I'm bumping the severity to serious with the
> >   approval of the Release Team.

> Before applying a patch, I would like to hear why this bug affects
> only sparc?

  No, it's not sparc-specific. What I meant is that, from a release
  management point of view, it is preventing xorg-x11 from being a
  candidate for testing, since (for different reasons over time, one of
  them being the mentioned #318979) there has not been a successful
  build of the package in SPARC yet. And this is blocking other packages
  from doing their C++ ABI transition as well.

  So, the bug is serious because it breaks compilation of other
  packages, and the release team would wish (I believe) a quick solution
  for the reason explained in the previous paragraph.

> Looking at the following build log, I found linux-kernel-headers
> was used.  This means the bug #318979 is not related with
> xorg-x11 FTBFS, I think.  If so, bumping up the severity of this bug
> is clearly wrong.

  Again, sorry if my words were not clear enough. I was not talking
  about an already existing FTBFS on sparc, but about a _future_ one,
  when xorg-x11 would be retried in that arch with l-k-h 2.6.13+0rc3-1
  (as you say, last time it was tried with still But Eugene
  Konev has stated that such retry _would_ fail, and I've asked the
  X.org packagers for confirmation.

> In addition, to fix the problem, please increase  xorg-x11's lkh
> Build-Depends version.

  xorg-x11 does not build-depend on l-k-h, though the packagers may wish
  to update their build-conflicts.


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