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Bug#301135: libc6: libacl/libcrypto/libasound all have PT_GNU_STACK enabled on them in glibc 2.3.4-1

> Please reply to the bug, not directly to me.
> I don't see the point of working around the PaX check in glibc.  The
> libraries aren't real likely to work if they really require executable
> stacks.  File bugs on them, not on glibc.

What do you propose be done then until all the apps in this list (and 
more) are fixed:


I don't know how Debian handles large issues like this, but this is 
something every package maintainer needs to be aware of quickly.  
If Debian doesn't act soon, they'll be releasing many advisories of this 
and be getting many complaints from PaX users because their system is 
now unusable.


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