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Bug#289713: G_FILENAME_ENCODING and 'locales' package suggestion

reassign 289713 gimp

At Mon, 10 Jan 2005 19:21:16 +0200,
Anton wrote:
> I suggest this variable should be set to system locale's encoding and
> it's place in /etc/environment.
> G_FILENAME_ENCODING sets GDK filename encoding. gimp, for example,
> doesn't show cyrrilic filenames at all.

This is difficult question.  Encoding in filesystem is system
management issue, so one directory may be handled by UTF-8, but other
directory may be handled by ISO-8859-1.  So it's hard for me to decide
setting G_FILENAME_ENCODING currently.

BTW, your report is filename appearance - it's another issue.  I guess
it's gimp's problem.  I reassign it to gimp - gimp maintainer could
you check this report?

-- gotom

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