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Bug#271526: It is reproducible

At Fri, 8 Oct 2004 20:32:08 +0200,
Amaya wrote:
> > I guess you edit /etc/locale.gen by your hands.
> No, I didn't, I used dpkg-reconfigure, I am a well behaved girl :)

Ah, OK :)

> > I recommend that you try to reinstall locales, and disable your es_ES
> > entries, generate locales, then enable them again.
> Yes it works now, but it failed in every single sarge install I did.
> I will suer be installing more sarge machines and will get back to you with
> more and better feedback.

Thanks, if you still have problem when you install sarge into another
machine, we'll investigate it - but it may be related to d-i version.

-- gotom

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