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Bug#260371: Some locales can't be generated in 486DX machine

Am 2004-07-21 10:28:07, schrieb GOTO Masanori:

>It was already discussed about this locale problem on lowmem machine.
>One way to fix this kind of problem is: it's good idea to revive the
>past style locales package which has all locales data in .deb.  That
>"locales-all" package is useful for lowmem machines, or the machine
>which is logged in by various language people.  IIRC, I thought this
>idea when the current style locales package was appeared, but no one
>did not try to make "locales-all" package yet.

I guess, it is in SARGE or SID ?
I have not found this Package in SLINK or POTATO.

But I do not understand, why people like to install a locales-all...
lowmem machines are old and in most cases the harddisks are very 
small ( <<540 MByte ) and there is no space to install 100 MByte 
locales...  If you need only one or two...

>-- gotom


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