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Re: libc on ppc64

At Tue, 20 Jul 2004 12:03:29 +0200,
Cajus Pollmeier wrote:
> I'm currently trying to install debian on a ibm p-series. Since it only boots
> with a 64-bit kernel, it is a good thing to have a 64-bit version of the glibc
> laying around. The toolchain is set up, so I've some binutils and gcc compiled 
> and built as a debian package that would create 64 bit code.

Matthias Klose works gcc for ppc64.  I'm also working glibc for ppc64,
but it needs recent cvs, so in first we need to prepare glibc snapshot
package.  It's blocked by my time constraint.

> Is there a "suggested" way to walk or anything I've to pay attention to when 
> building the libc package so that it could be installed in addition to the 
> existing 32-bit one?

It's valuable to look at sparc64/s390x.  

-- gotom

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