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Bug#231538: *sigh*

GOTO Masanori wrote:
> > | What does sid have to do with woody?
> > The problem is that of providing an upgrade path from woody to sarge on
> > real i386 machines.  Glibc (and everything else in userland) in
> > sarge/sid requires a kernel with the i486 emulation patch for such
> > machines.  There is no such kernel in woody.  The kernels in sarge/sid
> > cannot be installed on a woody system because they require newer
> > modutils and initrd-tools, which require new glibc.
> > 
> > The best solution anyone has come up with is to provide a kernel in
> > woody which can be installed in woody on real i386 machines, and which
> > includes the i486 emulation patch.  Once that is installed, the upgrade
> > to sarge can then be performed.

Thanks for the explanation, now I understand the dilemma.

I have another solution to propose: Provide an upgrade-for-real-i386
directory, including a README and kernel packages to install before
upgrading to sarge.  We've done a similar thing from bo->potato or

Looking at the current kernel mess, this is the only possible way.

Keep in mind that:
  - woody has four 2.4 kernel source packages (which I'd like to keep
    in sync since security is difficult enough already)
  - woody won't get a kernel more recent than 2.4.19 which is required
    for mips
  - woody 2.4/i386 cannot be updated outside of proposed
    updates/security due to a binary incompatibility introduced with
    the ptrace fix, rendering modules unusable

Hence, I believe that an upgrade directory is the way to go.  The
kernel package should be maintained until sarge is released and
security patches added.



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