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Bug#231538: *sigh*

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Martin Schulze wrote:
| What does sid have to do with woody?
The problem is that of providing an upgrade path from woody to sarge on
real i386 machines.  Glibc (and everything else in userland) in
sarge/sid requires a kernel with the i486 emulation patch for such
machines.  There is no such kernel in woody.  The kernels in sarge/sid
cannot be installed on a woody system because they require newer
modutils and initrd-tools, which require new glibc.

The best solution anyone has come up with is to provide a kernel in
woody which can be installed in woody on real i386 machines, and which
includes the i486 emulation patch.  Once that is installed, the upgrade
to sarge can then be performed.

If you have a better solution, be sure to suggest it, but I don't think
there is one.  (Recall that the requirement of the 486 emulation patch
was necessary to deal with a major, difficult ABI problem for C++.)

If you have specific preferences for the form this updated kernel will
take (perhaps you'd prefer a patched version of 2.4.19?), hash it out
with Herbert.  I don't particularly care what form it takes, as long as
there's a way to upgrade a real i386 from woody to sarge without going
outside Debian.

This must be solved before sarge can be released, given the consensus
that i386 support was not going to be dropped; and there is no known way
to solve it within sid/sarge.  It could be done by setting up a special
page on www.debian.org for downloading the patched kernel packages, and
pointing all real i386 users to that in the Sarge release notes; but it
seems much more sensible to put the patched kernel release in a point
update of woody, and point the real i386 users to *that* in the Sarge
release notes.

Hope this helps explain the problem, why it's 'critical', and why it has
something to do with woody.

- --Nathanael Nerode
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