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Bug#232122: Cause found, but problem remains

severity 232122 important

At Wed, 11 Feb 2004 12:15:52 +1100,
Ben Finney wrote:
> The "permission denied" is because I've disallowed creation of new
> entries in the root directory (chattr +i).  Thus, the "grave" severity
> should be reduced; the package is usable for those who allow new entries
> in the root directory.

If so, we can't make /sys.  Some application uses /sys with sysfs on
kernel 2.6, you can't use such application in near feature.

However under such paranoid environment, the script should not stop.

/etc/init.d/mountkernfs uses "set -e".  Even if it's failed with
special settings, there is no merit to tell the error.  If mounting
filesystems (sysfs, usbfs, devpts, and tmpfs/shmfs) is failed, we
don't need to care.  User will be noticed through with mount error or
application error.

So I would like to drop "set -e" from mountkernfs.  debian-glibc guys,
any objections?

-- gotom

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