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Bug#231015: libm.so: symlink should be relative

On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 12:53:40AM +0100, Yann Dirson wrote:
> Package: libc6
> Version: 2.3.2.ds1-11
> Severity: serious
> policy 10.5 says: "[...] symbolic links pointing from one top-level
> directory into another should be absolute."
> This allows me to have /usr being a symlink to a non-top-level dir, and
> having libm.so using a relative symlink breaks.  This in turn causes gcc to
> pick libm.a since it can't open libm.so, and since libm.a requires libc.a as
> opposed to libc.so, I cannot link any program against libm.

For anyone else as confused by this message as I was: the "relative" in
the subject line should be "absolute".

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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